bitter water

Bitter water, you have to cross, will remind you of the Cross.
Hopeless, you fall on your knees, crying out, in tears…
To be able to overcome all the hardships that may come,
You pray, nothing to lose, you try – Lord will answer your cry.

Please don’t grumble and don’t complain, stay courageous despite your pain,
Meet your hardships on bitter path, stay in joy and please grasp:
Through all hardships and suffering, Lord will meet you and let come in,
In his presence in promised land, blessing you by His hand.

Please stay patient and understand, if you stand hardships to the end,
With the help of the mighty Hand, you’ll be strong at the end.
Open your heart, don’t hide your face, take your place in this hard life race,
Bitter water and suffering will be your diamond ring.