the key

If you could hold fast to the faith and trust
every mighty word coming from Your Lord,
Thanks to faith you’ll stand from start to the end,
and by faith in you all your dreams come true.

Only by your Faith you keep on life race,
living every day, planning your way,
Starting something new, you believe and do,
hoping once to see good fruits from your tree.

Open wide your heart, set your mind apart,
let the Spirit in, to fulfill your dream,
Only by your faith you can reach the place,
where reins so high mighty Adonai.

Give up doubts to win, don’t let fear come in,
this world lays in sin and it reins within.
Values of this world are so fake for Lord,
please try to keep fast to your faith and trust.

Your faith is the key to all you don’t see,
unbelief is a sin –  don’t  let doubt get in,
Only by your faith you will see Lord’s grace,
and witness all things higher than your dreams.

Only by your faith you will see the grace
of the almighty Lord faithful in His word,
Enter promised land blessed by His hand,
more than you could think- filled with honey and milk.