the secret of beauty

You are a great fan of fashion,
You follow new brands and new trends,
To get the secret of beauty-
Is in your plans!

You check new looks and make ups,
To be a top looking Miss,
You put a new lip stick colour,
But love is still what you miss!

Exhausted by yoga and shaping,
You are on diet today,
You watch your wrinkles and weight,
But happiness is far away…

One day running to shopping,
You finally meet the one,
Her beauty traps the glances
Almost of everyone!

She is sincere and simple,
Her eyes are shining with love,
She looks like a spring flower,
You fall with her in love!

You watch her and admire,
You try to explain her grace,
Her body is not a model,
Neither is her face.

A voice whispers the answer,
Probably new to you –
In peace and in love
Your spirit and body renew!