the true love

Things an eye didn’t see, an ear didn’t hear,
True and sincere love is somewhere near.
No time to waste today, I will just stay to pray,
I want to find the way to meet True Love one day.

True love is honest and is kind, it never drags but always finds
How to forgive, support, endure, true love is mature.
Love never fears, resists the evil, shares your joy and dries your tears,
Love never seeks its way, but cares, love never fails.

Listen, don’t be confused, true love will not abuse,
Watch if once you may meet a love counterfeit.
Test love by time and deeds, sweet fruits are from good trees,
Feeling you fall in love, listen to voice from above.

True love is patient and is faithful, never deceives, stays always graceful,
It bears all, believes, endures, love even cures.
Love never stops, it hopes and cares, It never fails but wins all fears,
Generous love is always giving, true love is forgiving.