who can explain

Where is The Lord?
When the morning covers the world,
Innocents die and cry all the time,
When will God judge?
All the wicked who are in charge
For injustice, wars and destruction on earth.

Who can explain?
When you see all this pain,
That God loves us and sees, then where is He?
Please wait, don’t judge from the first sight,
But open the Word and see through the history.

The first man betrayed his Creator and then,
Transferred all authority to the enemy,
And since then humans were scattered on land,
Suffering here and there with no end.

That is why the world lives in evil and lies,
Thanks God, there’s left some space for love and grace,
God is love, and He sees and knows from above,
He suffers seeing man’s fall and gives salvation to all.

Hold on, don’t stay behind the doors, taking the pill of lie to die.
Your spirit will leave your body one day and take its Eternal way.